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By Erin Langenbacher - Spring 2011

The man of parts is roaming the halls. He has been under the stove and has cobwebs in his hat. I’m not sure whether to study him or ignore him as he ignores me, always has. He has his own type of logic dictated by constant need, and I choose not to understand it, wondering only what it would mean if I did....

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by Elan Justice - Spring 2011

He moves a little too precisely, smoothly, softly—every motion is fluid, yet hard. His lashes are too long, cheeks too hollow, chin too strong, his lips are too large. He never sustains looking directly at another person because his pupils are constantly gaping....

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By Jeannie Scott - Spring 2011

I feel dead, she said, except for the guilt.

If it weren’t for you, I’d have already gone.

Do you remember when Rome wasn’t built

in a day, when the capacities of man were drawn

out, when the value of accomplishments were measured in whole,

not measured by the gross amount achieved by each dawn?

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By Amanda Westerlund - Spring 2011

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