Submission Information

If you click on the submit button in the menu bar you will be taken to our Green Submissions website. This website will allow you to see the status of your submission at any given time, and we can use it to notify you as to whether or not your work has been accepted. For those who have never submitted to a journal online, the submit page on the website includes step-by-step instructions! Each semester we will announce a cut-off date and any work submitted after this date will be considered for the following issue. If we are unable to include certain pieces due to budget or space restrictions, the new website allows us to reconsider your work for the following issue, keeping its status at "hold." Please consult the guides below before submitting. If you have any questions regarding the new website, the rolling submissions system, or the submission guidelines please feel free to contact us at!


Steps to submit

  1. Click on the "Submit" link above, or click here

  2. Create an account using your email address and a secure password (you will receive a confirmation email)

  3. Read the submission guidelines

  4. Submit your work! 

  5. All writing must be submitted in Microsoft Word documents, all art in .JPEG files. If you submit multiple pieces, do not submit them all in the same file. Each piece must be submitted separately to ensure our ability to update you on the status of your work. 

  6. Due to a minor glitch with the Green Submissions site the 'dialogue box' requires an entry. You can simply put in your name or initials. Please refrain from using the dialogue box to type out your submission as it alters the original format of the piece.

  7. Remember to fill out the short, third-person bio--if your submission is accepted, the bio will be published in the journal along with your work..Please include your year and major. 

  8. Email us with any questions at, we'll be more than happy to help!


Art – Limited to 5 pieces

Fiction, Nonfiction, and Drama – Limited to 10 pages total. 

Poetry – Limited to 5 pages consisting of no more than 5 poems